10 Best places to buy Artisanal Panettone in Italy

As one of the most typical desserts belonging to the Italian Christmas tradition, not all Panettone are as good as the artisanal one. Here the best places around Italy where to find the most delicious artisanal Panettone:Pasticceria Attilio Servi, Roma – LazioEnoteca Posillipo, Gabicce Monte – MarchePasticceria Natale, San Cesario Di Lecce – PugliaDolciarte, Avellino – CampaniaPasticceria Comi, Missaglia (LC) – LombardyPasticceria Martesana, Milano – LombardySal del Riso, Tramonti (SA) – CampaniaPasticceria Merlo, Pioltello (MI) – LombardyPasticceria Pepe, Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino (SA) – CampaniaPasticceria Tiri, Acerenza (PZ) – BasilicataRead all, click on the photo

Coasting Along the South of Italy

There are road trips and then there is THE road trip. You know, the one that sets the standard for subsequent others. This was one of them.
Flying into Rome from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, our trip started upon renting a car and taking the 3hr drive down south to Sorrento. A big vibrant city especially in the summer, Sorrento was our base camp for visiting other cities along the coast.[…]